I come every time. I don't come here to pay homage. I just think it's of historical value. I always bring people here. I want to wear kimonos and take beautiful pictures. This time, I bring the elderly to take pictures in kimonos. Everyone is very happy. I haven't visited the cherry blossom season yet. It should be quite beautiful. I hope to have a chance to see the wind and color in the cherry blossom season next time.

The museum is rich in cultural relics and exhibits. The museum is mainly non Japanese cultural relics, including those from China and Southeast Asia. This museum is a Japanese cultural relic. We have set up exhibition areas according to the categories. You can choose according to your interest. However, we still recommend you to have a look.

There are many kinds of animals in it. You can visit the beautiful scenic spots. After all, there are zoos in China. Most of them can be seen. There are many cherry trees around. They should be beautiful when they bloom.

The admission fee is 1900. It's a group tour in the museum. It's held at regular intervals. It's an hour's journey. It's explained in English. I don't know if it's ok if I don't follow the tour. It opens at 10:30. By 11:00, the 25 regiment is full, so we can only wait for 45. When you wait, you can go around to take photos, Bic Camera shopping or something. It's better to visit Kabuki town in the evening. I'm waiting for the tour. I haven't seen the content.

This place is a bit romantic Tokyo Tower 🚇 Chiyu bridge get off the road will have a lot of signs practical tips: clothes to wear bright point up!!!! Turn around more under the tower, find a good hiding seat!!

Every exhibition area is very beautiful and dreamy. Sitting here all day will not be tired of sitting here for a single entry of 2200 yen annual ticket, but it only costs 4600 yen. If you live in a pool bag, you can swing around two times every day. It's worth the price of the ticket. It's a feeling of being healed after visiting

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