Los Angeles 3-day classic route

First time visitors to Los Angeles choose this route

Saipan 5-day line

The route is arranged according to the location and heat of the scenic spots. You can visit the top 14 scenic spots in five days.

New York 5 classic route

The route is arranged according to the heat and location of scenic spots. You can visit 18 scenic spots in 5 days

Tourism strategy

San Francisco classic 3-day Tour

Visit the Louvre, one of the three largest museums in the world, listen to professional Chinese explanations and enjoy rich art collections!

Vancouver classic 3-day route

You can enjoy cherry trees in the city park of Vancouver every spring, and the climate here is mild in summer.

Toronto classic 2-day route

35% of first-time visitors to Toronto choose this route

Eastern Canada route 6

32% of first-time visitors to Canada choose this route

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