San Francisco classic 3-day Tour

First stop: North of Los Angeles

On the first day, we will focus on the northern part of Los Angeles. In the morning, we will board Alcatraz Island to experience the most famous prison in the United States. Then we will return to Fisherman's Wharf to enjoy the seafood feast and experience the fishing port culture. In the evening, we will come to the Golden Gate Bridge to enjoy the magnificent night view of San Francisco with the sea breeze.

Second stop: North of Los Angeles

On the second day, we will continue to focus on the scenic spots in the north of the city. In the morning, we will visit the American Art Palace and the Jiuqu flower street, which is a test of driving skills, and enjoy the beautiful city scenery. After that, we will have a good meal in Chinatown and feel the foreign Chinese culture. In the evening, we will come to the prosperous Union Square, shopping malls, restaurants and theatres in a row.

Third stop: The most beautiful public buildings in America

In the morning of the third day, visit the city hall of San Francisco, the most beautiful public building in the United States, and six sisters, the only Victorian building in San Francisco after the earthquake. In the afternoon, enjoy the nature in Golden Gate Park, climb the twin peaks and overlook the beautiful San Francisco.

Traffic strategy

Self driving is recommended in San Francisco. Although the public transportation in the city is relatively developed, there are buses, buses and Muni Metro and light rail and other public transport networks, but there are still many shortcomings in relying on public transport to play here. Car rental and self driving travel is always the best way to travel on the west coast of the United States, and San Francisco is no exception. It is recommended to choose the car rental service of famous car rental companies to make self driving play more effective in San Francisco.

Catering strategy

There are many food choices near San Francisco's Chinatown, and many Chinese restaurants are very popular with the local people. Because there are many Cantonese Chinese here, there are many authentic Cantonese restaurants in the city. There are also many Western restaurants near the bustling Union Square.

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