New York 5 classic route

First stop: Midtown West Manhattan

Today, we will focus on the west of midtown Manhattan. In the morning, we will visit the famous Metropolitan Museum. In the afternoon, we will go to Central Park to experience the city's "back garden of New York". In the evening, we will experience the prosperity of this metropolis in Times Square.

Second stop: Lower Manhattan

Focus on the lower Manhattan area. In the morning, take a boat tour of the statue of liberty through Battery Park to feel the breath of freedom. In the afternoon, go to zero to remember the victims of the terrorist attacks and visit Wall Street, the world financial center.

Third stop: Midtown East Manhattan

Today, you can visit the majestic United Nations building and the busy Grand Central Station in the morning. In the afternoon, you can visit many luxury stores and classic film and television works on Fifth Avenue. Then you can visit two landmark buildings in New York, Rockefeller Center and Empire State building. You can choose to board one of them to enjoy the prosperous scenery of New York.

Fourth stop: Lower Manhattan

Visit lower Manhattan. In the morning, visit Greenwich, SOHO, and little Italy to experience the cultural district and European style. In the afternoon, you can continue to visit Chinatown. The familiar Chinese style will arouse your patriotic complex in foreign countries. In the evening, you can enjoy the sunset scenery on the east coast at Brooklyn Bridge.

Fifth stop: Leisure and relaxation

Today's trip is mainly for leisure and relaxation. In the morning, you can come to MoMA to experience the world of art. According to the schedule, you can also choose to visit St. Patrick. In the afternoon, you can take a cruise around New York to experience the charm of New York. In the evening, you can go to the theater area not far from Times Square to watch an authentic Broadway performance, and end the 5-day trip.

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