Los Angeles 3-day classic route

First stop: Beverly Hills

Focus on Beverly Hills. In the morning, you can visit the most famous noble city in Los Angeles. You can also go shopping and stroll. In the afternoon, you can go to Getty Center, a private museum with the richest collection in the world. Then you can come to Santa Monica Beach at the end of highway 66 to enjoy the sunset.

Traffic strategy

The public transportation in Los Angeles is very underdeveloped, the frequency and the area to be reached are very limited, and the subway security is poor. The most ideal way of travel is to rent a car and drive by yourself. It is recommended to choose the well-known international car rental platform for the city's 3-day tour or the West Coast ring road. It is convenient and fast to pick up and change cars at the airport.

Catering strategy

As a city of immigrants, Los Angeles naturally brings together food from all over the world. You can taste the flavor of the world here, because it is close to Mexico, and many authentic Mexican restaurants are also worth tasting.
Beverly Hills is surrounded by high-school restaurants, where you can choose to have lunch, and San Monica Beach is a good place to enjoy seafood.

Second stop: Universal Studios Hollywood

In the morning, I went to Universal Studios in Hollywood to start a day of crazy fun. After that, I went to Griffith Observatory in the evening to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city, and then went to the avenue of fame to finish today's trip.

Catering strategy

Hollywood avenue of fame near the catering is very rich, Japanese cuisine, Chinese food and American fast food, high-end restaurants.

Third stop: Disney theme park

Spend a day playing in Los Angeles Disneyland, the world's first Disneyland theme park, or thrill and Disney California Adventure Park, a classic and a thrill.

Catering strategy

There are many high school and low-grade restaurants to choose from in Disneyland. There are many flavors from all over the world that have been strictly selected by Disney. Many authentic American food is also a major feature here.

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