Canadian Rockies Tourism

It's easy to get there by train or bus. You can drive in the summer. The Rockies have many national and provincial parks. Youhe, Banff, jasper and Courtney are the most famous, along with other Alberta and BC parks, which constitute UNESCO World Heritage sites. Explore Banff's energetic artistic atmosphere. Go to Turquoise colored Lake Lewis. You can explore the ice strip on foot. You can also ski or take a dog sled. Take a boat or kayak tour of Malin Lake under the glacier.

I have taken the cable car in many places, but the cable car of sulfur mountain is really high. As the cable car gradually left the station, she was as timid as my wife, holding on to me all the way. It's not easy to meet Taiwanese abroad. Fortunately, if we meet three Taiwanese men and women, we can ask them to take pictures for us. Banfu said whether they were big or not. On that day, we met them again at the end of our dream of vehicle management. When you climb Mount sulfur, of course, you have to overlook Banff's Castle Hotel. And go to the weather station. But we didn't come to climb the mountain, so we didn't look for Xiong Luo.

Don't miss the chance to see this beautiful lake. We were going to drive down the lane to the left of the bathroom, but people who came back from that road told us that we could drive to the parking lot over there. Because of the rain, we did it. After a short walk, we saw the most shocking blue lake I've ever seen. There are others here, but it's not as crowded as Lake Louise. Many people went over the railing in order to take a wonderful picture on the cliff. It's so beautiful here

We really enjoyed the time we spent in these beautiful cabins in Jasper. These cabins are so well designed that you can feel alone in nature. We can make our own fire, which makes our experience more real! The next day it began to snow, so we nestled by the fire and looked at the forest through the big window. The network and TV signals are not good here, but the feeling of "lost contact" for a few days is still very good. My only regret is that I didn't take a hot bath.

Menglian lake is located among the mountains, with an altitude of about 1400m-1600m. It takes about 15 minutes to drive along a section of Panshan road to reach Lake Lewis. We arrived at Lake Louise at 9 a.m. and were ready to drive up the hill along the path, but the road was closed early. We can only go back the same way, park at the park & Ride parking spot five kilometers away from the scenic spot and take the bus up the mountain. The bus route is Park & Ride - Lake Louise - Lake Menglian - Park & ride. The bus between Lake Louise and lake Menglian usually takes one to two hours. Please arrange the time for the tour. Of course, the earlier you come, the fewer people there are and the shorter the queue time. The scenery will not be introduced. If you come to Banfu, you will not come to Menglian lake. I regret all my life.

This route is closed at night and it's a great route to leave for the main freeway 1 and have the opportunity to move at a slower speed. We don't see a lot of wild animals, except a lot of wild goats, but we really like driving through here. There are some beautiful woodlands to stop on the way.

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