San Francisco

Marina District has many fashionable pubs, the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge is also located here, while the NOE valley area has quaint, quiet boutiques. Wave to sea lions at Pier 39, taste local cheese or enjoy cooked meat at ferry building. Take a yoga class in Dolores Park or explore the Dutch windmill standing on the opposite ocean beach

The most famous bridge in San Francisco should be the Golden Gate Bridge, which is very spectacular both from far and near. If it is covered by the fog which is common in San Francisco, it will add some mysterious color There is also a place near the bridge that specifically introduces the architectural structure. You can actually use their models to experience the construction principle. You can rent bicycles around the bridge nearby, but you were in a hurry, so you didn't rent it. I'd like to remind you that if you take a bus, you should carefully look at the direction of the destination to avoid taking the wrong bus

One of the special scenic spots in San Francisco, it still has the structure of the prison at that time. The voice guide part is very vivid, as if it were in the scene. In addition, the ticket price to Alcatraz Island is not cheap. If you want to stay in San Francisco for a few more days, you can buy a package ticket for cooperation between Alcatraz Island and Citypass, which will be much more cost-effective! Remind me that since the round-trip is to take a boat, remember to check the time of the round-trip in advance, so as not to miss, it will take a long time.

When you go to San Francisco, you must see the Golden Gate Bridge and fisherman's Wharf. They are also the two most famous must clock in spots in San Francisco. In fact, my plan for this trip to west America is from Seattle - San Francisco - Highway 1 - Los Angeles - Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there is not enough time, so I have to delete Seattle, the northernmost section. I'm a little sorry. I always think it should be good there. Fisherman's Wharf is the second day we went to San Francisco. There are not many tourists and the weather is very good. On the seashore with blue sky and white clouds, waves and seagulls compose this dynamic postcard. In fact, there are several online restaurants nearby. However, there are still attractions in the fisherman's Wharf Area, such as the San Francisco ocean National Historical Park, gladley square and the mechanical Museum. It's a nice day to walk around and eat,

It was originally planned to stay here from afternoon to evening to enjoy the scene of day and night at one time. It is said that they are two different feelings. However, due to other travel delays, we can only see the scenery at night. At night, the lights on this European style building, as if really in Europe. There are a lot of good spots in the park. Please take a picture of it as a souvenir. In summary, I think it's a great scenic spot. If I have a chance to visit San Francisco again, I should arrange a special time to visit his daytime scene.

We buy the tour guide of the brewery. The tour guides are very friendly and funny. They introduce the history and equipment of the brewery one by one. Even those who are not good at English can understand what they mean. In addition, there are all kinds of beer to drink. It is recommended to those who like beer!

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