New Jersey

You can enjoy the delicacies and rich buffet prepared by top chefs, try your luck in the world's largest casino, or watch a grand performance. A striptease can make your heart beat. If you're tired of this gorgeous carnival, go to Mandalay Bay Shark Reef to experience marine life, hike to Red Rock Canyon, or visit the neon Museum, where old neon signs are reborn.

Las Vegas is a famous city for "gambling". Las Vegas Avenue is setting off the gambling city of purple drunk gold fans. The more people flow at night, it is not difficult for adults or children to find shopping spots.

The White House fountain is located in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. The whole man-made lake is very big, and the fountain is also very big! When time came, the still lake suddenly became flexible. The direction and height of the fountain were all controlled by computer programming, with different music. I'm looking at the music fountain in the daytime. It's said that it's more beautiful at night. Because there are thousands of lights and spotlights at the bottom of the fountain pool to match the music and change colors, it is a wonderful visual and auditory experience. I think some people say that they perform every 15 minutes, others say they start at the hour. I think the hour is reliable. After all, every 15 minutes, will it be too crowded. Especially recommended to watch!

The price of this Ferris wheel is different between day and night. The price at night is more expensive. Because we think the scenery at night should be more beautiful, so we still come here at night. The whole experience lasted about 30 minutes, and we and two other groups got into a car and had enough space to take pictures of us.

Even if you don't know who Wayne Newton is, you'll enjoy the trip. Mr. Las Vegas has an incredible story to tell. Before visiting the homestead and courtyard, you will see a video. Take the time to browse his collection and don't miss his private jet. The home is situated on a large green meadow (nourished by an underwater spring). A great afternoon in the history of music.

Volcano eruption show is not as many as Bellagio's Fountain Show... Be careful not to miss the show time. You can really feel the heat coming out of the flame. Of course, I know the show is free, but the time is less than five minutes... And the first two minutes have not changed. It's a little exaggeration. My own bonfire in the backyard is just as big and wonderful.

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