New Jersey

Whether you're looking for sunny beaches or thrilling outdoor activities, New Jersey offers a wealth of options. For those who specialize in outdoor exploration, go straight to the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, which stretches for more than 40 miles along the Delaware River. Here you can participate in rock climbing, canoeing, rafting, fishing, or just enjoy the spectacular waterfall. There are also plenty of hiking trails to choose from, or visit rich historical sites. Perhaps you can enjoy skiing in the blue mountains near the lake. If you're looking for some kind of change, visit one of the eleven public development lighthouses in New Jersey, such as Cape May. For art and history enthusiasts, Trenton's New Jersey State Museum has a rich collection of historical artifacts as well as American art from the 19th century to the present, as well as an planetarium.

Instead of staying at New York's EWR airport for six hours, I took a taxi to Liberty State Park because it was a beautiful day and sunny. While in the park, I went to the 9 / 11 memorial, took a lot of pictures of the city skyline and panoramic view, walked along the path, had a view of Ellis Island, and then went to see the old train terminal. I stayed in the park for 2 hours and took a taxi back to the airport. There was plenty of time.

Actually, I don't know about this monument because it's been many years since I was last in Jersey City's liberty park. I had to spend hours in Jersey City, so I came to liberty Park, where I met the 9 / 11 monument. Between the monument walls is the skyline of lower Manhattan in New York City and the world trade center as the background, which makes me very moved. If you're in Jersey or around here, it's highly recommended.

We walk from the high line sidewalk to the Chelsea market, where you can find all kinds of snack bars and an interesting water spray sculpture. Finally we went into a winery and tasted a glass of wine.

The New Jersey Center for the performing arts is the top performing stage. Every seat in the theater is comfortable and there is no need to spend a lot of money. The restaurant serves all kinds of delicious food. It's convenient to come from the parking lot.

I went to Newark for a walk. I wanted to go to this park so we went. I thought a park was full of cherry trees; when I walked into the park, I was looking for them, and all I saw was a normal park. Yes, it's a long Park, but it's poorly maintained. Paths should be cleaner, benches look almost abandoned, grass and trees should be properly pruned! I'm just disappointed. I don't hate it, but I just want more cherry trees. I'm just happy to see the natural scenery, but it's good! The park might be better!

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