a self driving journey through spring, summer, autumn and winter

The first day in Los Angeles, drink the most expensive coke in this life

In the past, no matter how I went out to play, someone would accompany me to set out together, my husband or friends. This time, I will set foot on the journey alone to meet my friends.
Don't you worry? That's not possible. After all, I'm a pretty girl's home. Hahaha, no bullshit. In fact, looking back, it's very simple. It's just that I'll take a 12 hour flight and get my luggage.
Well, because I was on my own and I didn't like to go to the toilet on the plane, I was finally selected to be sandwiched in the middle. It doesn't matter. It's OK to land safely.

The next day, Disneyland, like a child

Today, is the whole day Disney ~!
This is the second Disney I clocked in. God knows that I went to Shanghai Disneyland the second month after I came back from America. I may I don't know why I go to Disneyland so hard
At that time, boneyou swiped the Los Angeles Disneyland tickets to buy one get one free event on the passenger road travel app, which was really a big leak. It was equal to that everyone went into the park at half price and had a good time. Later, when I came back, I didn't brush out this kind of preferential activities, and there was no double 11.
There are two parks in Disneyland, one is Disneyland and the other is Disneyland California Adventure Park. Our tickets can only enter one garden. Therefore, considering the advantages and disadvantages, we chose the old garden. The adventure park is still waiting for us to come with Xiong Xiaoxiong in the future.

The third day, Las Vegas, a carnival night full of money

I got up early in the morning. I'm ready to stroll around the city today, and then I'm leaving for Las Vegas.In our hotel, there is a place which is not a big gamble. My friends from the same trade also have a little try. They are playing the game of guessing the numbers on the turntable, or the rules of the game told by the American sister who is playing with us. Well, after losing us $100, we went to bed contentedly. Good night, good night, Las Vegas, I'll come again next time!

Day 4 lost Peggy Town, horse and antelope's big PK

Today we're going to Horseshoe Bay and antelope valley! Ha ha ha, in order to Antelope Valley, I went to borrow a small wide angle. It's sunny outside today. The weather there should be good. The weather at the end of September is very comfortable, so I put on a small skirt.. There is no signal at all in Peggy town. I don't know if the wireless WiFi box can be used, but the mobile phone card of our kind has no signal at all, so we should be prepared to be isolated from the world on that day, and Google map will be ready in advance. There is no signal. Who will guide you?

The fifth day, cool Salt Lake City, have an appointment with fried chicken

When I got up in the morning and came out of the hotel, I felt the air was very fresh. It was not like the strange smell of last night. It was a bit like the air in the valley after the rain. It was clear and refreshing. I fell in love with the city instantly. I have to say that salt lake city is not one of my favorite cities on this trip, probably because of the fresh air environment at that time.

On the sixth day, we stayed in Grand Teton park for a long time

On the seventh and eighth days, we met in Huangshi park for the first time and then

Day 9 Yosemite Park, an incomplete journey

I arrived in San Francisco at the beginning of the tenth day. The big slope here is really killing me

Pacific Road 11, day one

Day 12, highway 1, the end point is Los Angeles

On the thirteenth day Santiago, the kiss of victory needs to look up

Go home on the fourteenth day! But how was it detained??

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