The park is the right size for a family to play all day. We play from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. if we're not in a hurry, we should be able to stay until 18:00. Kids love lazy river best. We've floated five or six times, and we've tried a lot of exciting rides. The food in the park is good, especially the roasted corn 😉 The location of gazebo this time is not very convenient, so I have less time to go back and have a rest. I don't plan to book it again next time. Direct online booking, family tickets for a family of four, two big and two small. But if you want to edit hair, surf or enjoy all the photos in the park, don't forget to buy total package

Not far from Bali International Airport, the Hindu chariot statues are vivid and magnificent. Pay attention on the way to and from the airport.

They shovel one side of the mountain to make way for tourists to get to this very beautiful beach, but the overpriced "beach shop" has opened. The local monkeys look bored, but someone (the government) is building a lot of new apartments. You have to pay to get to the beach by toll road. The beach itself is beautiful, the beach is very good, there is a sidewalk along the beach, there are many peddlers selling things that attract most tourists. You can surf, rent a boat, canoe or paraglider here.

The turtle reserve is well maintained and the ongoing conservation work is commendable. The turtles that people can see and touch are separated by age, from a month old baby to a much older one, one of whom is 75 years old. It's nice to be close to these beautiful creatures. There are also other kinds of small animals - snakes, owls, ants and a giant iguana. All in all, the price of the ticket is worth it.

Silent in the bustle of Bali's busy city and the noise of nightclubs, the monument is located at the site of the 2002 bombing, which was a nightclub before the bomb attack. The names and nationalities of 202 victims are inscribed on the monument. After a long time in the sun, the bricks of the monument look a bit old, and the water in the pond is a little dirty.

This shopping center is much more fun than the old exploration center. The inside and outside of the shopping mall are very clean and beautiful. There are many kinds of food squares. The view on this side of the food plaza is very beautiful. As shown in the picture, carp can also be fed here. You can buy some fish food, watch them surface and touch them. On the day we went, some people dressed as cartoon characters

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