After a long flight, the best way to relax is to come to the atoll, especially if you have to wait a long time before connecting. The disadvantage is that the luggage doesn't arrive at the same time, but you can bring some necessities, such as swimsuit and sunscreen. It's a great holiday experience to arrive by plane with a bird's-eye view of the atoll.

Spa is the best spa I've ever been to. I've been to a lot of spas. Try rejuvenating face care and body massage with hot sand balls. Highly recommended! Julia, spa manager, June masseuse and Adriana, facial care technician, are excellent!

All the fishermen near the Male Atoll in Maldives bring their daily harvest to this important fish market. Then sell fresh tuna, mackerel, sailfish and coral fish of different sizes to local people and dealers at attractive prices. If you want to buy the freshest seafood every day, it's worth visiting.

The most famous monument in male is the oldest mosque in the island country. It is located in the core of the urban area, next to the Sudan Park, the presidential palace and the Friday Mosque. In fact, there are no such scenic spots in male. This temple built of coral is one of the best. Ancient mosques include temples, minarets, mausoleums and other parts. When entering the temple, there are dress requirements and no photos are allowed. Next to the cemetery where kings of all ages are buried, it is very quiet in the busy city. If you go to MALDI for holiday, you must arrange a tour of male if you have time, because it is a valuable opportunity to understand the historical people's customs of this Indian Ocean island country. So this ancient mosque must be the first stop for male to visit.

When we arrived in male by speedboat and started our trip to downtown, Hassan, a Chinese English guide, asked if he would like to enter the museum. It is helpful to understand the historical and cultural traditions of this island country. After all, many people almost stay on the island when they go to MALDI, which means they have never visited the country. That's why we have to go to male to feel it, especially the history museum like this. However, the whole exhibition hall is smaller than expected, the area is not large, and the exhibits arranged are relatively simple, which can be browsed in about an hour. There are also souvenir shops inside, but the price is higher than outside. If you are an island beach controller, you can consider giving up visiting here.

The Sultan's palace is a palace built by the late Sultan, which can be dethroned if he does not enjoy it. After the establishment of the Republic, it is the government office and the official residence of the president. Ordinary tourists are not allowed to enter, and can only punch in and take photos at the door. It is close to the people's Square, and you can see the huge MALDI flag. Male is the capital of MADAY. Most tourists to MALDI have not been to this small island with a total area of 2 square kilometers, but go directly to the resort island. As a matter of fact, these tourists did not experience the customs and customs of the Indian Ocean people during their trip to MALDI, which is a pure trip to an island resort. Take half a day to find a guide to accompany you to visit the Grand Mosque, the presidential palace, the Sudan Park, people's Square and other scenic spots, shuttle through the narrow and crowded streets of male, and go to fish markets and handicraft shops to experience the life of local people, which is also a necessary itinerary for MALDI. But the original heart has been murmuring for half a day, can the capital of a country be transferred? It turns out that a two-hour turn is enough.

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